Palm Beach County is a great place to live. But unfortunately, it is becoming increasingly unaffordable for many, including our teachers, first responders, and frontline workers. As a member of the Boca Raton City Council, I worked with my colleagues, non-profits, and private businesses to look at new policy initiatives that can help increase the availability of workforce and affordable housing options. As your next State Representative, I will work with everyone, on both sides, to help lower costs.

The state government can also play an essential role in working with local governments to create balanced policies that encourage workforce and affordable housing while protecting our environment and quality of life. There are no quick solutions, but we must take action now to address this growing crisis.

My plan to lower costs for Florida families include:

✓ Fight to curb energy costs

✓ Focus on out-of-control housing and insurance costs

✓ Make critical healthcare more accessible and reduce prescription drug costs

To learn more about my record and vision for the future, visit my website at

Best regards,

Andy Thomson,

Candidate for State Representative, District 91